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All kinds of Nami costumes

Nami is the third people who join in straw hat pirates, her position is navigation. At the beginning, Nami is just a partner of Luffy, after Luffy defeat Arlong, Nami became the real member of Straw Hat Pirates. Nami like money and oranges, her dream is to draw the world nautical chart. Till now, Nami is one of few female boatman of One Piece, so Nami costumes have often changed, her colorful costumes also abundant the image of this animation.

001 chapter

Present to: 001 chapter

Appearance time: At the begin of the party on Merchant marine

001 chapter

Present to: 001 chapter

Appearance time: the wear to steal treasures on the ship of Alvida

002 chapter-- 016 chapterPresent to: 002 chapter– 016 chapter

Appearance time: this Nami costume appeared from she steal the great Route chart of Bucky to the end of Usopp event

017 chapter-- 029 chapter Present to: 017 chapter– 029 chapter

Appearance time: the appearance of Going Merry; Usopp join in; Nami steal the ship

Nami costumes

Present to: 030 chapter– 044 chapter

Appearance time: Cocoa west village event to Arlong was been defeated

Nami costumes

Present to: 044 chapter

Appearance time: Nami leave Cocoa west village

Nami costumes

Present to: 035 chapter– 036 chapter

Appearance time: in Nami’s childhood

Nami costumes

Present to: 045 chapter– 053 chapter

Appearance time: go to Logue Town;

Nami costumes

Present to: 054 chapter– 063 chapter

Appearance time: Thousand Dragon; go into Grand Line

Nami costumes

Present to: 063 chapter– 067 chapter

Appearance time: Whisky mountain

other Nami costumes:

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