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Analysis the strength of pirates in One Piece

First, the personal strength ranking in One Piece

Edward Newgate

Gol D Roger

1 Edward Newgate / Gol D Roger

Firstly, we talk about Edward; he is the king of sea after Roger died. There is a word describe Edward—the strongest man of the world, he is the owner of Overlord color dominance. Edward is one of fabulous people. He can beat Zikisc in easily, and he could defeat Marshall D. Teach as he is over 70 years old, without the ability of fruit and in badly wounded. So you can guess how strong he is.

Then talk about Roger, he is a mysterious people. In my view, his strength does not lose to Edward. His under vice-captain Silvers Rayleigh is one very powerful role, to be the captain, Roger must stronger than him. In other way, there have some wounds on Edward been caused by Roger, we can image Roger’s real strength.


Monkey D Kapu

Monkey D Kapu is the Naval hero who has made Roger at bay several times; he is the arch-rival of Pirates King. From the following events, we could found the strength of Kapu is preeminent.

At first, the phoenix has been knocked away with a well-aimed punch, and finally Kapu has said “it is too tender”. You know the Phoenixhas fight with Kprusoian, and neither could gain the upper hand. And then, when Zikisc hurt Ace, Kapu would tear Zikisc to pieces if Warring did not stop him. I do not think this is not Kapu’s brag. Finally, we all know Kapu is the arch-rival of Roger, why arch-rival, which have described the strength of Kapu is equal to Roger’s.

Red-Haired Shanks

3 Red-Haired Shanks

Shanks is one of the “four emperors”, different from the mentioned characters, Shanks should said be a coming man, who is the tutor of the hero in One Piece. At the big event, he stopped Zikisc to come for the understrappers of Edward Newgate, and split the sky when fighting with Edward. Why I said, Shanks is stronger than Zikisc? Because Zikisc is a paranea, he believe to nip a thing in the bud, so when Koby stop him, he would kill him without hesitate, but when Shanks do the same thing, Zikisc don’t dare to move.

Warring States Buddha

4 Warring States Buddha

Warring is the predecessor AF, his strength of Cursed Fruit is unknown, but he is supposed to the only one who maybe has strength of two Cursed Fruits. His IQ is very high, and is named as “wisdom General”. In episode 0, he fights up against Shiji together with Kapu, and then sends him to prison. He nearly killed Blackbeard with a well-aimed punch.

Kohza, Kprusoian, sakasky

5 the three General of Navy headquarters

The three Admirals are Kohza, Kprusoian, sakasky. All of their Cursed Fruits are along to Nature. Each of them would destroy Straw Hate Pirates of 2 years ago. As they could be the three forces in Grand Line,, they must have powerful strength.


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