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Let’s talk about Usopp



Usopp crossed her childhood alone with his mother having sound chooses to go through seas as pirate in search of adventures until the day when his mother succumbed to an illness. Usopp found himself then the only and it is for this day when he developed habit to lie and to shout in effect Usopp arrived in front of his mother in recovery by shouting it in the hope of making believe to him that his father had arrived then he continued telling lies so that his mother keeps hope but it is not enough and his mother died the following day.

In spite of the fact that it left it Usopp admires his father and dreams to resemble him it is besides to be worthy of him on whom Usopp decided to become pirate. Besides the taste of adventure Usopp he also inherits from the skill in the shooting of his father and armed of his spear stone misses no target. Although he is untruthful and can seem not very audacious by instant Usopp is somebody on whom they can count and who does not hesitate to take huge risks to protect those who are him a lot even if he is not of an extraordinary force he knows how to act with trick to triumph over his enemies. During battles her favorite weapon is it spear stone that ci being able to be used with different kinds of ammunitions very more stupid one that other being certain create by him even but he has other numerous weapon hidden in his bag elastic hammer shurikens and others still invented by him same Usopp being in effect a big creator as regards weapon. With all this weapon in his possession Usopp has can imagine diverse techniques 。

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