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The brief introduction of One Piece chapter 666 Yeti Cool Brothers

One Piece chapter 666

Yeti brothers ask M’s subordinates to recovery the corpse of Zoro, Bruker and Nami.

Subordinates ask “you kill them?”

Yeti brothers said:” if killed will arouse problems you should not find me?”

They walked to Luffy with said.

In Caesar‘s research institute, Caesar feels very happy for Yeti brother solve the problem so quickly.

Monet knows the relationship between Luffy and Law.

Caesar doubt Law called Luffy come. Law denied.

Caesar remembers the met with Law, and said sorry to him.

Law doubt if the kids could come back, and hear of the medicine candy.

Caesar said: “it is hard to get on with flip-flopped “. The place Chooper and children live in have suffer attack, and did not find any attackers.

Nami said to Brown beard, “Speak out all you know”

Brown beard said “it is useless to find, they won’t turn up, and even I have never seen them.”

“However, one must kill, and must get the pay. The only thing I know is their big footprint and their voice is lowering.”

“By the way… And they are the huge Orcs with full of hairy”

“The Snow Mountain Killer duos appeared in the snow! – Rock and Skoki, people call them COOL BROTHERS!!!!!! Their real identity is unknown.”

Skoki appears with a huge shadow, “is him Brown beard? You are also in the list of be killed.” M said Brown beard is too cumbersome, and ask his subordinates to kill him. Brown beard heard the record.

When luffy heard the gunshot and came back, he saw the Brown beard has been hit in front of him.

Brown Beard falls down with tears.

Rock said, if here toppled, these guys would die; we should kill the captain at first!

Luffy said, “Have you kill your partners?”

Luffy was hit and then beat back.

Yeti bro disappeared and carry off the Franky inside Nami.

The purpose of Caesar is to Liberty Laser inside Franky, Law appeared at the back door of the research institute.

Law knocks down the subordinates of M and said, “It’s my freedom to go anywhere!”

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