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The costumes of Monkey D Luffy

Have you know there have how many clothes of Luffy in One Piece? If you only remember one, i have to say, if he really only have one costume, he is so pity. And i don’t know if you have found that, Luffy very like straw sandals, he always wears they from child to adult. Now, when it comes to Luffy, you must think of his classic equipment, so there is a formula can describe Luffy’s equipment: Waistcoat + Shorts + Straw Sandals + Straw Hats = Monkey D Luffy. OK, let’s see there is how many costumes Luffy has wear.

Luffy childhood costume

Let’s talk from his childhood, how much does Luffy love straw sandals?

classic Luffy costume

This is the classic Luffy Costumes; I think this must be our first impression of Luffy.

Luffy costume

This Luffy costume present to the Ghost island, it is similar to his classic costume.

Luffy costume blue waistcoat

The blue waistcoat.

Drum kingdom Luffy costume

This Luffy costume present to the Drum kingdom, at that time, we must very exciting that you are finally change your clothes, although it is Nami’s. You have to pay for it if you break it.

special Luffy costumes

This special Luffy costumes present to the Alabasta, the overcoat is red, the red color very suit Luffy. Because the red color usually represents the positive, initiative, enthusiasm, and friendly character, these features conform to Luffy.

Luffy costume

It is present to Luffy defeat sir crocodile, this costume including a exotic long gown coat and a red belt.

Cute Luffy costume

Luffy in this style is seems like a child, very cute style.

Afro Luffy style

We will remember the well-known saying of Usopp–”Does the black achieved Afro, or the Afro achieved black? “, when we see Luffy’s this style.

Luffy Navy clothes

This is the Navy clothes when they are in admiralty port. Ok I admit this is the Navy cook clothes. If Luffy will cook, he must bring out a empty plate.

Ancient costume

The Ancient costume theatre of One Piece. This style Luffy costume is too cute!

I do not know how to describe this style of Luffy!

 Luffy and Dragon

This is the first time i saw the coalition of Luffy and Dragon in the studio theatre.

Luffy costume of Water Seven

This costume present to Luffy come back to Water Seven when they make mess in Enies Lobby. This costume is similar to Luffy childhood costume.

Luffy costumes of Amazon Lily

Luffy in Amazon Lily, there add some embroider in Luffy’s costume, it is too strange in the costumes.

LuffyYellow waistcoat

This style present to Luffy save Athy, the design is not changed.

Luffy formal wear

The formal wear of Luffy, it is present to the OVA10, the showing of Straw Hat Pirates is very domineering! Although in the normal times, Luffy is boldfaced, he could Come in handy in critical moment.

21 the cute Luffy in One Piece OVA 10

Luffy costume

The heroic black overcoat with golden decorate and white eiderdown of sleeve. Under the overcoat is the dark red shirt, Luffy’s right hand put on the firearms, his straw hat is never so right before. The costumes describe a domineering, stable and king style Luffy!

In general, no matter in animation or OVA, Luffy costumes can’t do without red, the red color in Character represent positive, initiative, open, enthusiast, they are all suit Luffy.

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