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The exhibition of One Piece would be hold on August

One Piece Grand Arena Tour

The activity of popular anime One Piece “One Piece Grand Arena Tour” would be hold in a huge scale. From 9th of August, this activity would be shown in Saitama, Ehime, Fukui and Sendai. On the occasion, the activity would show the spirit of Luffy group and all of their adventure experiences though the same character model. I believe, the excellent content maybe attracts many enthusiasts!


9th Aug —19th Aug: Saitama Super Arena

22nd Aug — 26th Aug: Ehime International Trade Centre


22nd Aug — 23rd, 29th, 30th Aug:Fukui Sundome

16th Nov — 18th Nov, Messe Miyagi

And the entrance tickets have been soled from 10 am of 11th June, while the relative activity One Piece exhibition is holding on the Rapungi Building, and the 4th One Piece Premiere Summer would also be hold on Osaka Universal Studio Japan from 7th July to 9th July. From last year to now, the One Piece Giant Egg Roadshow have been hold onOsaka, Toyko,Sapporo, Fukuoka Yahoo! JAPAN Dome, Nagoya, and each one of them have created a grand occasion, then how about this year? Let’s waiting and seeing what happens.


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