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The moving touching scene of One Piece

Luffy and Sharks

About friends:

Shanks: Thanks, Luffy. Makino has told me, you challenged them for me! Don’t cry, you are a man!

Luffy (cring): because sharks you, your hand!

Shanks: Thats nothing. Just one hand, if only you are safe.


About agreement

Luffy: You have to go?

Shanks: yeah, we have been in here for long time, it is time to say goodbye. Will you feel lonely?

Luffy: I will become very lonely. But i would never ask you bring me, I decided to be a Pirate King!

Shanks: Anyway, i will never bring you to sea! Do you think you could be a Pirate King?

Luffy: I can! There is one day i would find my partners who doesn’t lost to these person. I am going to be king of the pirates!

Shanks: Have you want to  surpass us? (Put on the straw hats to Luffy’s head) This is my most important hat, now i leave it to you, there is one day, i will take it back, when you become a excellent pirate.

Sanji and zeff

About leave

Sanji said that he took Zeff’s power, fame, hopes, and his leg. In the original, Sanji said he took Zeff’s power and dream away from him.


Zeff: Sanji, Don’t catch a cold.


Sanji: Zeff boss, thanks for everything in such a long time. I will never forget your kindness.

Zeff: You stupid jerk, man should leave silently!

Sanji: I hope to see you guys!


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