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The Roles of One Piece

 Monkey D Luffy

Monkey D Luffy

Characteristic: Wearing straw, one scar below left eye.

Speciality: own the ability of Gum Gum Fruit; the body can elongate freely after eat Rubber fruit

Goal: Become the king of pirates, and got Gol.D.Roger’s –ONE PIECE

Luffy grow up in Windmill Village, and he become the friend of pirate “Red-Haired” Shanks, so from then on, he intended to become a pirate. The scar below his left eye is scratched by himself and to display his ruthless. However, when Luffy was 7 years old, he eat Gum Gum Fruit by mistake, and from then on, he couldn’t learn swimming. How could him become a pirate without swimming skill? Luffy said, i just don’t fall into the sea.

Once, Luffy fighting with cateran for defend the reputation of pirate and within an inch of his life, fortunately, the pirates made it, but Luffy have be throw into the sea, and Shanks’s left hand was bitten off for rescuing Luffy. (this section is very impressive). And when Shank leave Windmill Village, he put his straw to Luffy’s head and said, you have to give it back to me when you become a outstanding pirate!

Ten years later, Luffy began his journey with his goal–to be the king of pirate! And that straw also becomes his treasure.

Zoro Roronoa

Zoro Roronoa

Profession: Swordsman of Three Sword Style; dreadful Pirates hunter.

Characteristic:  Green Hair, haramaki sash that holds his three swords, Zoro also has a black bandanna tied around his left forearm that he only wears on his head while in serious battle.

Speciality: Three Sword Style,  sleeping, undead.

Goal:  To be  the world’s best swordsman.

Zoro began to learn sword when he was young, and his goal is to achieve the level of Kuina‘s who is the daughter of his master. They promise, one of them have to become the best swordsman.

However, Kuina has died for a little accident, so their appointment would be realized by Zoro. Zoro start his swordsman road with Kuina’s sword,” there is one day, i will make the heaven hear my name!” For making money, Luffy become the pirate hunter and also be the famous person of East Sea. Once, he offend Huth Morgan, and make friends with Luffy, one breathtaking adventure began……



Profession: Pirate thief, Navigator

Speciality: astuteness and Money Talks. She is a genius thief and navigator.

Goal: As a thief, her goal is to save 100 million, and after Luffy solve her problem, as a navigator, her goal is to draw a map of world where her have gone.

As the war, Nami and her sister have been adopt by sea soldier Miss Bellemere, and Bellemere take them to her hometown Cocoyashi Village and live a poor but happy life. However, a racist fishman Arlong encroach the Cocoyashi Village, and Bellemere has been killed in Nami.’s presence. Nami have been forced to become his cartographer, and she make an appointment with Arlong, as long as her save 100 million, she could buy the Cocoyashi Village and the freedom of the villagers. Nevertheless, the thing is not so easy, Arlong combine with the navy, confiscated Nami’s money in the name of pilferage. Fortunately, Nami meet Luffy and other friends, the nightmare of Arlong have gone, she can began her own adventure.



Profession: liar

Characteristic: long nose, cell kerchief

Goal: Become the real warrior of sea

In one quiet village, there is a junior run in the village with shout loudly “Pirates come!” Villagers run after the liar with holding broom. This liar is Usopp. When Usopp was young, his father went to sea, and has not come back until his mother die. Usopp believe his father is one warrior of sea and dream about there is one day he can become a pirate. One day, when Usoppu heard the pirates come and then he tells it to his villager, but no one believes him. This is not the story of “Wolf”. Usoppu decided to defend his village by himself. Finally, with the help of Luffy and others, the village would not be destroying and Usoppu together with them to began his dreaming journey.


Profession: Cook

Characteristic: Western-stryle clothes, screwy eyebrow

Speciality:      Good cook and “Black Leg”

Goal: Look for “All Blue”, where have all kinds of fish of Four oceans. It is the heaven of cook.

Tony Tony Chopper

Tony Tony Chopper

Profession: Doctor

Characteristic: Reindeer with blue nose. Can speak and bristled. Tony’s appearance like a small bear, he always hide his head and his body is on the outside, so cute~~

Speciality: Medical skill.


As his unusual blue nose, Tony has been repel by other reindeers. And when he eats the Fruit by mistake and owns the people’s strength, he has been out with the reindeers group. When he try to live as the person, he has been expelled to the Village. He lost heart to the world of people. Then, he has been saved by Dr. Hiluluk, and that have been happened for 6 years. The name of Chopper also been named by Hiluluk. After he has friends, his life recovers happy.

Nico Robin

Ms. All Sunday-Nico Robin

Nico Robin is one archaeologist, and she have to link with different criminal organization for gain different history instrument. After beat with Lacoste, she desires to die as her dream fade away, however, Luffy saved her and ended old resentments toward. She become the new partner of Luffy group.

Nefertari Vivi

The princess of Alabasta—Nefertari Vivi

At the beginning, Nefertari Vivi was the agent of The Baroque Workshop–Miss Wednesday. And then, she was announced as a princess, to research the secret of Baroque Workshop she become a undercover. Mr 0, who is one of the Oka Shichibukai Sir. Crocodile, want to stirs up the civil war and subvert Alabasta, Vivi must to back to her country and stop this conspiracy. Her behave receive support of Luffy and others.

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