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Three kinds of swordsman in One Piece


Dracula MihawkShiliewZoro

In one piece, the swordsman should divide into three kinds, one is live for the sword, and the sword is their life, although their level might not achieve “live and die together with sword”. This kind of people all have superb swordsmanship, among these swordsmen, the most popular character is Dracula Mihawk, next is Shiliew and then Zoro, and there common feature is they are neither the ability owner of Devil Fruit nor have powerful domineering.

Edward NewgateGolden Lion ShikiKprusoian

The second kind of swordsmen have the ability of Devil Fruit, this kind of people based on the ability of the Devil Fruit, and the swordsmanship only as one assistant ability. Among all these person, Edward Newgate is the most powerful, and then the Golden Lion Shiki and Kprusoian; why we said Edward who hold a broadsword should said be the swordsman? Actually, in One piece, there is no one said he is “The Knife”, and in Japan, no matter the knife and sword are collectively called Kendo, so Edward Newgate could said be the swordsman.

Silvers RayleighShanks

The third kind of swordsman is the man who did not have the ability of Devil Fruit but have powerful domineering. These people based on their powerful domineering and then blend in their swordsmanship, among these people, Silvers Rayleigh and Shanks should be the most powerful.

Among the three kind of swordsman, why Dracula Mihawk was called the first swordsman, it most for his superb swordsmanship no one better than him. So Zoro want to be the first swordsman, he has do much harder.

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