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Top 6 excellent battles in One Piece

Dash Mihok V.S Zoro

1 Dash Mihok V.S Zoro

Location: Outside Baratie

Result: Mihok win

This is one overmatch, why it impressed me is for the pledge between the two fighter. I believe you must remember the scene Zoro lying in the land and vowed to never lose again with tears. This is the only one Zoro cry after he joined in Straw Hat Pirates.

Luffy V.S Sir Crocodile

2 Luffy V.S Sir Crocodile

Location: the desert, palace and tomb of Alabasta

Result: Luffy win

If the three fights are one match, the result should be Sir Crocodile win (two wins). However, it is one confrontation between livings and dying, which standing to the end would be the winner. Strength, luck, courage and perseverance, too many elements influent this meanderings fight. We don’t know Crocodile is lose Luffy or lose to himself, however, there is one point we can certain when Luffy beat Crocodile to the mid air, we know, the new pirates time is coming!

Zoro V.S Mr1

3 Zoro V.S Mr.1

Location: the street in the capital of Alabasta

Result: Whenever I think back this section, I will imagine the arousal of Neo of The Matrix. The Geek Squad was once powerful become too tiny and impotence in front of Neo. I always think, if Zoro have also see the new world as Neo when he feel the breathing of all things.

Tonjit V.S Burogy

4 Tonjit V.S Burogy

Location: Small garden

Result: draw

Have you remember the fight between the two giant? Maybe you have forgotten their name; I was also review the anime and then remember. However, you must impressed by their powerful fighting which continue 100 years. Maybe we have laughed at their duel which forgets the cause. But as the giant said, you who live for ten or twenty years could not understand the things which they have struggle for hundreds years.

Sanji V.S Mr2

5 Sanji V.S Mr.2

Location: the street in capital of Alabasta

Result: Sanji win

I believe you must attention who is stronger between Sanji and Zoro? No matter from the reward amount or the powerful of the opponents they have defeated, we guess Zoro is more powerful. However, from this fight, we found the advantage of Sanji, during their fighting, Mr.2 have put out his friend hand to Straw Hat Pirates, I think the feature of Sanji is make his opponents admire.

Usoppu & Chopper V.S Mr.4&Miss.Merry Christmas

6 Usoppu & Chopper V.S Mr.4&Miss.Merry Christmas

Location: the ruins outside the capital of Alabasta

Result: Usoppu & Chopper win

Not everyone is brave, are the heroes must brave. Compare to those who were forcible-feeble, I prefer Usoppu & Chopper. They are terrified of Mr.4 group, but they can challenge to them, their courage is very admirable.

The fighting is very common among the Japanese anime; of course it is indispensable in One Piece. I just list small parts of them, if you have other opinions, welcome to discuss with me!

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